Kirkbride Plan Hospitals Featured at University of Amsterdam’s Sensory Decay Symposium

Recently, scents and sounds from Kirkbride Plan hospitals traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and into the Sensory Decay Symposium, an interdis

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New Model for an Old Dilemma?

Thoughts on “Treat, Release and Repeat”: Season 3, Episode 2 of VICE (Showtime)

Directly or indirectly, each of us has experienced the toll

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Challenges Pandemics Present to Psychiatric Hospitals and the Risks of Repressing Histories

The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc at scales that are simultaneously global, national, communal and personal. The challenges presented to our mental well-being are profo

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Margaret Schilling’s Trace at The Ridges (née Athens Lunatic Asylum)

Kirkbride Plan Hospitals for the insane, like all asylums, have complex and difficult histories. Embracing those histories, at a local community level and at a broader

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New Friends at Oregon State Hospital: Part 2

Below is Part 2 of 2 mini-reports on my recent visit to Oregon State Hospital, the oldest remaining State building in Oregon, and one of the few remaining Kirkbride Hospitals

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