Rusty Tagliareni

  • Experience:

    Lead graphics and design, photo and video documentation

Rusty Tagliareni is a professional photographer and best selling author of the award winning "Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital", a book in Arcadia publishing's 'Images of America' series, "Abandoned Asylums of the Northeast", an introspective and educational chronicle our time documenting our nations shuttered psychiatric hospitals, published by 'America Through Time', and "Antiquity Echoes: A Photographed Tour of Abandoned America", a hardcover coffee table book by Skyhorse publishing on the subject of 'urban exploration' and the somber beauty found in modern-day ruins. Prior to its dissolution, Rusty and his partner Christina Mathews were heavily involved with the Preserve Greystone movement, a grassroots organization founded to raise awareness and seek preservation of the disused Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Parsippany, New Jersey. Utilizing their background in film and photography, they documented every pivotal moment in the fight to save the old asylum, including sit-down interviews with those involved with the efforts, former employees, and spokespersons for the private organizations who were interested in rehabilitating the old hospital for future use. They called the film " Greystone's Last Stand ", and though still in production, excerpts from the film were used to garner public support for the preservation effort. The spring of 2015 Rusty and Christina presented at 'PreservationWorks', a national historic asylum conference, and the first of its kind. The purpose of the event was to generate public awareness on the importance of preserving our nation's few remaining historic asylum complexes through adaptive reuse, and to network preservation groups from across the country in order to allow them shared assets to aid in their local fights. In the days following the conference “PreservationWorks' was already being formed into a non-profit, with Rusty immediately taking on the role of trustee. Rusty and Christina also regularly involved with the publication 'Weird NJ', a bi-annual magazine billed as a "travel guide to New Jersey's local legends and best kept secrets". Their work with the magazine focuses upon the histories of abandoned locations in and around New Jersey.

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