Robert Duffy

  • Experience:

    Video and Photo documentation, Lead consult hospital memorials

Robert Duffy started exploring Kirkbride asylums in 2005 shortly after returning from serving his country in Iraq. Starting with the infamous Danvers State Hospital in his home state of Massachusetts. He then headed out of state visiting Kirkbrides across this great nation. Fergus Falls in Minnesota, Hudson in New York, Athens in Ohio and Greystone in New Jersey were just a few he has visited. He began recording his trips in 2009 and after three years he released Kirkbrides HD, a high definition look inside our favorite asylums. In the spring of 2015 he got involved in the fight to save Greystone Park State Hospital. During this time he founded Greystone Park Memorial. This group is dedicated to ensuring that the saved pieces of Greystones stone facade are used for a proper and fitting memorial in the future. He is very passionate about saving Kirkbride asylums and looks forward to continuing to make a difference.

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