Jaime Grabow M.A.


Jaime is a dedicated mental health professional, historian, and historic preservation advocate residing on Long Island, New York. She currently serves individuals in the New York State mental healthcare system as a psychiatric rehabilitation professional. In addition to her work in the mental health field, Jaime studies the history of mental health facilities and treatment, institutional design and architecture, and disability rights. Through her efforts as a mental health historian, Jaime co-founded the non-profit organization “Preserve KPPC” which aims to advocate for the preservation and adaptive reuse of the remaining buildings at the former Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Additionally, Jaime is currently directing and developing a project concerning the Pilgrim State Hospital to aid in the documentation and preservation of its history. Jaime has been looking for ways to get involved in Kirkbride preservation after visiting several Kirkbride hospitals across the country and is excited to do so with PreservationWorks. Jaime prides herself on being a self-proclaimed “Nerd” and is an avid collector of hospital artifacts and oddities. She enjoys maintaining her library of history books and restoring antique furniture that she can use to expand her library.

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